Straight Line Frequency Matching

So, I get home with my new clubs excited to see how they work. Eddie and Ted were awesome, and Eddie did a good job of fitting me. I can’t say how awesome the feel of these clubs are. I was having trouble hitting my 5 iron and WOW, this 5 iron rocks. As a matter a fact, it doesn’t matter which iron I hit, they all have the same feel. Your club builder is awesome also, perfect set of clubs. I can’t say how much confidence I have now with these clubs.

As for the golf school, well, Eddie was great. Awesome instructor and really easy to work with. Did a really good job in pinpointing my issues, and helping me fix them. We used the Power Coil and I had to buy one. I use it for the first 10-15 swings every time I go to the range now.

I want to thank you guys for a great school and I will be back soon!

Name: Randy Marshall
City: Apex
State: North Carolina

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