Best Golf Instruction –SHORTGAME: Laws to Live By

In this past newsletter Ted gives us the skinny on your shortgame and how to improve at golf. 

When it comes to shaving strokes off your scorecard, reducing your handicap, and most importantly winning your Saturday morning match, your practice habits from 20 yards off the green and in is the difference maker. Always remember the following short game laws to improve your short game: 1) Putt whenever you can putt 2) Chip when you cannot putt 3) Pitch when you cannot chip. If you have anxiety over hitting a chip or pitch inside 20 yards, then putt-chip with your hybrid.

The Law of the Land says to invest in real estate, and this should be your strategy in the short game as well. You always have more control of a golf ball on the ground than in the air, therefore, hit low shots around the greens, and get your ball rolling early to let the putting gods take over. The longer your ball is in the air, the more precise you have to be. Golf is a game of manageable misses and a poorly hit putt will always turn out better than a poor chip.

When it is time to chip, observe the following strategy:
Golf Clinic1.) Any time your golf ball comes to rest within 5 yards of your landing area think about a 7:00 to 5:00 length of motion with your hands. Your thumbs should point at the ground in the backswing and follow through.

2.) Club selection will be based on pin location so follow this format for closer chips:

A) Pin on the front of the green use a sand wedge
B) Pin in the middle use a pitching wedge
C) Pin on the back of the green use the 8 iron

When your landing area, illustrated in this picture by the hula hoop, is within 5 yards, use a 7:00 to 5:00 motion.

Use the same motion no matter the club, 7:00 to 5:00, and choose your club based on pin location.

Golf Training3.) When the landing area is 10 to 15 yards from the green, you should use an 8:00 to 4:00 length of motion and follow the same club selection as above.

4.) When in doubt, use your hybrid to putt with a chipping set-up and descending blow on the ball.

Take advantage of the forgiveness of the hybrid by using it to putt from around the greens when in doubt.
The following chipping fundamentals provide a set up checklist for these two vital short game shots:

1.) Grip down for control.
2.) Place the ball back in your stance to execute low flying shots.
3.) Place your weight and handle of the club forward towards the target at address for low trajectory.
4.) Maintain light arms and an active pivot in the downswing.

Golf Taining GripProper set up for a chip is illustrated in this picture with the help of Charlie of the Chip Stick. Remember to grip down, put the ball back in your stance, and place your weight and hands forward.

Thirty minutes of practice per week over the next three weeks using this strategy will guarantee lower scores in a month.

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