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Playing Lessons

A playing lesson is a wonderful option to learn how to score better on the golf course.

During a playing lesson, our instructors focus on areas such as your mental approach to the game, pre-shot routine, shot selection, club selection, reading greens, uneven lies, and trouble shots. For beginners, playing lessons are also beneficial for areas such as checking in at the pro shop, rules, etiquette, and the basics of how to play the game. Our golf instruction for seniors or those individuals whose outlook on the game has been affected by medical treatments or surgeries includes adapting the mental approach as well as recalculating the pre-shot routine and club selection. Playing lessons are not designed to focus on the golf swing or mechanics as we do that instruction on the practice facility. Whether you are adding this item on to a three-day school or just wanting to think your way around the golf course better, playing lessons can help lower your scores.

9-Hole Playing Lesson (2 ½ Hours) – $200
Each Additional Person – $100

18-Hole Playing Lesson (5 Hours) – $400
Each Additional Person – $100

**Above Rates Include Green & Cart Fees

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