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In this previous Newsletter Ted gives the best tips on Golf Swing Instruction.  Visit one of the top golf schools in the southeast, Classic Swing Golf School.

Technology continuously changes to help improve accuracy and power for golfers, however, the tips that follow will always apply since the laws of force and motion remain constant. The sources of power in golf can be found by studying the laws of physics and applying these laws to the golf swing. When searching for power, rely on one, or all, of the following sources: arc width, wrist hinge, arm speed, and release. These four concepts provide the primary sources of power in the golf swing. Concentrate on these principles and one of these sources may be the ingredient you have been missing. Each power source has a teaching aid that successfully improves the effective use of the power source.
Golf InstructorThe Swing Extender, as shown on Ted’s right arm, promotes a wide arc in the takeaway, at the top, and in the thru swing to increase power.
The width of the arc relates to the structure of the triangle in the golf swing. The triangle consists of the hands, arms, and shoulders. The ability of a golfer to maintain extension throughout the radius of the backswing, downswing and thru swing contributes immensely to his/her power. If the structure of the arms breaks down at any point in the golf swing, power will be lost. The solution for promoting extension is found in the golfer’s ability to control the trailing arm (right arm for the right-handed golfer) for the entire golf swing. The number one teaching aid for promoting a wide arc and training the right arm is the SWING EXTENDER.
Golf Training GripThe SwingGyde attaches to the grip of the golf club as shown in the picture to endorse proper wrist cock, LAG, and release in the golf swing.
Another major source of power in the golf swing relates to how the lead wrist (left wrist for the right-handed golfer) hinges, stores, and transfers momentum in the golf swing. Proper wrist cock at the top of the back swing and the golfer’s ability to store this angle during the downswing will automatically multiply the power in the golf stroke. With this stored power (referred to as LAG), the golfer must learn to transfer momentum through forearm roll, called release. To promote proper wrist cock, LAG, and release in the golf stroke, a simple device called the SWINGGYDE gives immediate feedback to the golfer when attached to the club during practice. 
Golf Swing InstructionThe Power Fan helps to increase arm speed and aids in strengthening golf muscles.
Arm speed represents the final power source in golf. You cannot throw a ball with high velocity unless your arm travels at a fast pace. Likewise, you cannot swing a golf club fast without moving your arms at a high rate of speed. Ironically, your arms will travel fastest when they are relaxed so keep them light and focus on your breathing to keep the body and mind relaxed. Relaxed muscles are fast moving muscles therefore key on soft arms when practicing and playing. The finest teaching aid to increase arm speed is the POWER FAN.

Friends, there are many teaching aids that simply do not work. The power sources we have mentioned are the answer in the golf swing to increase distance. The teaching aids mentioned above do work and we keep them in stock. If we can help you find more power and you would like to try one of these teachings aids, please call us at 1-800-827-2656, e-mail us at, or order online at We are here to help!!

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