star rating  I came down early for a tune up before my golf trip with the guys. I participated in the 3 day school. I was not disappointed. Ted is a great... read more

avatar thumb Jeff W
November 26, 2018

star rating  My husband and I attended the 3 day fundamental school in 2009, came back for the scoring school, and are still seeing Ted Frick and Eddie Young for private lessons.... read more

avatar thumb Michele D
February 2, 2015

star rating  My wife started me going here 20 years ago. Now she is an avid swinger. She likes to go each spring to warm up for the golf season.... read more

avatar thumb Carl C
August 31, 2018

star rating  A close friend of mine who is a surgeon suggested "Classic Swing" after visiting twice previously. His email mentioned the "short game" two day school. Although not listed... read more

avatar thumb 815PaulT
November 26, 2018

star rating  A good friend and I took the 3 day class. Instructors were great. I came in very much a beginner and really feel great about my game now. Highly recommended.

avatar thumb Mattmaine72
May 11, 2019

star rating  Haven't had my instructor of 16 years around since I've to NC IN 2016...Ted analyzed the swing and gave me some drills to get me back on track.Will be going... read more

avatar thumb Groucho53
August 1, 2022

star rating  My husband and I attended the 3 day golf school this past March and can't say enough about the instructors and lessons. The instructors were clear and helpful in both... read more

avatar thumb Elizabeth M
May 15, 2019

star rating  The Classic Swing Golf School was an extraordinary experience for beginning to end. I participated in the 4 day class, afternoon golf and accommodations. Every single aspect of the experience... read more

avatar thumb Pamela R
March 7, 2018

star rating  My wife and I attended The Classic Swing Golf (3 day)School from March 19-22. I learned soooo much form Ted, Stephanie, and Eddie. The brochure states a 1;4... read more

avatar thumb Chuck B
April 4, 2018

star rating  Great thank verbal experience and value for money! - Fantastic experience with Ted, Eddie and Stefany. I’ve been golfing for 30 years and have had lessons a number of times but this was my first time at a golf... read more

avatar thumb alistairm216
May 8, 2022

star rating  What an amazing experience the Classic Golf Swing School is! Ted and his entire staff are motivational and professional. They spend a solid 12 hours in the... read more

avatar thumb robertmalouf
February 24, 2023

star rating  Have been going to Classic Swing for years and now have my wife going to learn the right way. Ted is a wonderful guy and works well with his... read more

avatar thumb cggadget
July 5, 2018

star rating  Ted and his staff are great teachers of the fundamentals. I highly recommend this school for anyone who wants to learn what you “should” be doing when swinging each golf... read more

avatar thumb Tony L
July 3, 2018

star rating  Worth the money - Eddie Young is an excellent golf instructor! He has improved both my own and my husband's swing. We have had many lessons over the years and his lessons are... read more

avatar thumb hereiam123
January 26, 2022

star rating  Best Golf School To Improve Your Game! - Attended the 3 Day School in June. Ted is top notch! He is able to break down your swing. Then give you drills with simple, easy to understand instruction to... read more

October 11, 2020

star rating  At the end of April my wife and I spent 3 days with Ted and his crew and had a great experience with them on the range, in the classroom... read more

avatar thumb Anthony B
May 16, 2019

star rating  My wife and I attended The Classic Swing Golf (3 day)School from March 19-22. I learned soooo much form Ted, Stephanie, and Eddie. The brochure states a 1;4... read more

avatar thumb 279chuckb
April 4, 2018

star rating  My husband and I did an early April 3 day class. Ted Frick, Eddie Young,Stephanie, and Kyle were excellent communicators. With words, demonstrations, analogies, video analysis, speed measurements, and... read more

avatar thumb LaraLS
April 29, 2018

star rating  Thank you Ted and Eddie for an educational, inspiring, and very enjoyable three days! Your personal attention to each of your students and your persistent efforts to make a... read more

Greg N
October 20, 2019

star rating  Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you and your team for the great job you did during my 3 day golf school. I was really struggling with... read more

June 13, 2019

star rating  If Trip Advisor would allow a 5 Plus rating, Classic Swing Golf School would definitely earn it. - After taking private lessons for a while with Ted, I decided to do the 3 day school. The experience was nothing less than eye opening. All the instructors were... read more

January 28, 2021

star rating  Ted & Stef were great! Visited for 3 half day class with 3 other friends. Learned tons & had fun at the same time. Wished I had done this years ago.

avatar thumb John H
May 16, 2019

star rating  Great experience, great value! - My wife and I attended the 3 day school and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The pace of the sessions, between practical & theory, was just right for us and we... read more

Davy H
April 26, 2020

star rating  First rate facilities- excellent! First rate curriculum- excellent! First rate instruction- excellent! Overall experience- priceless I’ll be back.

avatar thumb provilag
June 6, 2019

star rating  Absolutely recommend the 3-day golf school for both beginner and intermediate players. My husband and I went together. We each have an under 20 handicap. There was only one other... read more

avatar thumb Steena804
January 4, 2023

star rating  Ted and Stefany were awesome. After spending 3 days with each of them, my golf game has improved tremendously. They break down different aspects that beginners or life long golfers... read more

June 11, 2019

star rating  I have been to the 3-day school five times over the last 7 or 8 years. I keep coming back because the instruction is phenomenal. Ted Frick runs... read more

avatar thumb Debby B
December 23, 2017

star rating  This was truly a wonderful experience, My buddy Paul and I attended the school late March before our annual Myrtle Beach trip each Masters Weekend from Toronto. Ted was... read more

avatar thumb L9447WSwillg
April 16, 2023

star rating  Picking a golf school is not easy especially when your attending with your 26 year old daughter that has never played golf before. What Ted and his team accomplish is... read more

avatar thumb Rich B
May 9, 2018

star rating  This was an excellent experience. Ted, Stephany and Ed were excellent. I wanted to get my wife to attend because she is a higher handicap and was becoming frustrated with... read more

avatar thumb Stay20406987048
April 12, 2019
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