Classic Swing of Sam Snead

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The Classic Swing of Sam Snead

Each week, I write this blog for Classic Swing Golf School, so I think it’s appropriate to take a look at some of the “classic swings” of all time.

Perhaps, no golfer in history comes to mind quicker when we think of the term “classic swing” than the late Sam Snead.

Snead was born in 1912, the same year as fellow PGA rivals Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan. A gifted, natural athlete, golf seemed to come easy for Snead as he made his mark early after turning pro in 1934, winning an impressive 17 tournaments by the end of the decade. By the end of his career, which officially ended after the 1982 season, Snead had notched 81 official PGA victories including 7 majors and an astounding 48 top-10 finishes in majors, bettered only by Jack Nicklaus who had 73 top 10s.

sam snead1

His long-flowing swing and perfect tempo made Snead the envy of many of his peers and fans, however it was his putting stroke that turned him from famous to infamous. Suffering a severe case of the yips, a common malady faced by golfers later in their careers, a frustrated Snead turned sideways during the 1966 PGA Championship and putted croquet style, swinging the club between his legs as he straddled the ball. Although the PGA quickly banned the croquet style of straddling the ball, Snead modified it by stand to the side with his body perpendicular to the line of the putt and perfected his new technique.

Over the years, other golfers used similar styles which led to the development of the long putter used today.

sam snead putt

Sam Snead passed away in 2002 at the age of 89 leaving behind a legacy of being one of golf greatest players and innovators.

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– By Dan Defreest 


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