June 2020!! Come play and learn in our 30 Acre Outdoor, Safe Classroom.

A 30 Acre Classroom

WE ARE OPEN!  Suddenly, you can’t wait for school to get started. Our doors never closed during these challenging times and private lessons and club fitting kept us moving. The update on Myrtle Beach is rooms, restaurants, beaches and golf courses are all open. Obviously paying attention to detail and following CDC compliance will be standards for all businesses especially here at Classic Swing!

Cleaning, dis-infecting, and social distancing are the new norm for how we conduct all schools at this time. Doors, door handles, golf carts, test clubs, training aids, i-pads, etc…you name it, we are wiping it down frequently. All golf schools are conducted at a 3:1 student teacher ratio while all learning stations, from putt to drive, are comfortably set at 10 feet apart.)

So, tell your friends and come back to check out our new and improved classroom.  It’s only 30 acres and all outdoors!! We can’t make it much safer than that. We, here at The Classic Swing Golf School, have always taken pride in sharing fundamentals and our new motto is, “Keep it safe, keep it fun, keep them learning.” You got it!  Safety, Enjoyment, Knowledge, in that order. 

In conclusion, a little golf tip for the summer. Rotate, rotate, rotate!  We have to keep moving. Not only has our economy slowed down, but more importantly, so have our bodies recently. Golf is exercise, golf is outdoors, and golf is safe. Recently, we integrated a social media series called Tuesday Tips with Ted, that I hope you are enjoying and sharing with your friends.

Be safe everyone!!!

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