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Hello golf fans, here’s another enlightening article from Classic Swing Golf School blogger Dan DeFreest.

If you’re like me, no doubt that somewhere along your golf journey you have considered or even tried some can’t-miss training aid to improve your game. Here is a short list of some of the more intriguing ones that have come along over the years.

One of the more interesting inventions is called the “Swing Shirt” and resembles a bright orange straight jacket that hold the arms close to the body during the swing. The problem that I see with the Swing Shirt is that the best place to use it would be either at the driving range or on the golf course and either place it might look a bit odd.

Golf Swing Shirt

Another variation of this concept is a product called the “Swing Jacket”, which looks a bit like a bullet-proof vest and does basically the same thing as the Swing Shirt. If you should choose to try either of these swing aids at the driving range, take care not to laugh at another golfer’s misfortunate sliced drives, you may be unable to defend yourself in the event that they are offended by your amusement. The Swing Shirt will set you back about $69 and the jacket a cool $149.

Then there’s the clubs, the Matzie Swing Trainer, which looks like a club that was wrapped around a tree after a bad shot, the Medicus hinged club which resembles a club that was put back together after it was snapped over a knee, and the Orange Whip, which would be a perfect weapon to use on a golfing buddy when he is laughing at you for snapping your club or wrapping it around a tree. Those aids range in price from $79 – 120.

For about $200 you can purchase a large hula-hoop type frame to practice your swing in, or a golf mat that will show you where to stand and where to put the ball in relation to your stand, unfortunately you can’t use either one on the course.


Here’s an investment that will pay big dividends when out on the course, why not get a lesson from our teaching professionals at Classic Swing Golf School, they can help you sort out your swing and save you some strokes and some bucks in the process!

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