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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  I hope everyone enjoyed the warm temperatures we had over the last few weeks.  The instructors over at the Gold School told me they were having record numbers for attendance!  I want to share with you what “Ted says”.

Ted says, “Be careful!” The bottom line is most golfers truly want to play better golf and have more fun while playing. I like the idea of having more fun and better golf will follow. The launch monitors, force plates, 3-D and 6-D video capture are all wonderful whistles and bells (for a very small percentage of golfers). I am disappointed, though, in a high-tech approach that has little regard for the fundamentals. Therefore, my emphasis to begin 2014 is intended to get us back to the grass roots of how to swing a golf club more efficiently resulting in hitting the ball more  consistently. Those grass roots are the fundamentals of Grip, Aim, Posture, Ball Position, and Stance Width (G.A.P.B.S.).

Here is my basic approach: Better fundamentals equal  better golf! Example: If you do not like the way the ball spins when you hit a golf shot then obviously your club face is not aligned properly at the moment of truth  (impact). Here you must understand that the only part Oct 12 Picture 1of your body that directly influences the clubface (good or bad) are your hands. In the game of golf, somewhere along the line, your hands must get educated and this should all start with a proper grip. Can  the  high-tech help? Yes. Can it hurt? Yes. The equipment can be only as good as the operator! Next month we will discuss grip and then follow the acronym in order.

Ted SignatureTed Frick

Owner/Director of Instruction

Classic Swing Golf School

2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year

TPI Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

G.S.E.D., The Golfing Machine

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