When In Doubt – Use A Hybrid

Ted Frick sums it all up in this newsletter in regards to chosing the proper fit golf club.  At Classic Swing Golf School you can get custom clubs.  Read on and Ted will explain the importance of chosing a hybrid.
The most current technology and properly fit golf clubs can enhance your performance and enjoyment of the game of golf. The hybrid is a club that every golfer should have at least one of in the bag. It is, and will remain, the most versatile golf club available.

The Hybrid is made using a small wood style head and an iron shaft length for maximum performance. The overall size of the sweet spot and the low center of gravity in the clubface is what allows you to eliminate 2, 3, and 4 irons from the bag. Because it is shorter in length than fairway woods, it is much easier to hit. The benefits of this club are numerous and always keep in mind to compress and drive the ball down like every other shot in golf.

Below are the numerous hybrid lofts along with what each replaces:

16 degrees – Replaces 4 and 5 woods
19 degrees – Replaces 3 irons and 5 woods
22 degrees – Replaces 4 irons and 7 woods
25 degrees – Replaces 4 and 5 irons

The following list briefly describes several of the many different shots that the hybrid can effectively be used to play.

fairway bunkers1) Fairway bunkers
The low center of gravity in the head of the hybrid helps to get the golf ball airborne much easier than any iron.

out of the rough2) Out of the rough
On those par fours and fives when the driver does not put the ball in the short grass, the heavier and more compact head on the hybrid helps to get through the tall grass much easier.

chipping3) Chipping
Remember to utilize your putting stroke with a slight descending blow when chipping and the hybrid will be a wonderful club choice from 10 yards off the green or closer.  

4) Long par 3’s
The hybrid is much easier to hit than a long iron, but remember to tee it up low.

5) Fairway
The hybrid allows you to hit higher and softer shots into greens than long irons and fairway woods.
   If you would like to explore the options of adding a hybrid to your bag, be sure to contact us


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  1. Great stuff, Ted. The boys and I are still following your newsletters down in Trinidad.


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