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Hello once again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Some of my pasts posts were tips that focused on equipment and how it positively affects a golfer's score. This week I'm including one of Ted's tips on ….wait for it, Belly Putters.  Enjoy!

A trend is upon us and it works!  The belly putter is gaining popularity, and it is not a gimmick.  This month we will discuss why the belly putter is so effective as well as some important topics about using one such as length, ball position, grip, and posture. It will be interesting to watch the ruling by the R&A and the USGA on the use of belly putters. Every two years these committees get together and discuss equipment and rule changes. For up to date information on conforming equipment, go to, the home of the United States Golf Association.

          Reasons why the belly putter works:

    The belly putter sets your spine angle up the same way each time you address the ball. This is extremely important because your spine is the axis that you rotate or tilt the shoulders around. If you can keep the spine angle constant, you will increase efficiency.

    Attaching the putter to the body will naturally promote a more uniform stroke or what is called an “on-plane motion.” By attaching the putter to your belly button, the belly button becomes the fixed fulcrum of the stroke. The instrument can now swing more freely on plane and release more naturally because of the attachment.

    Attaching the putter to the body will also help eliminate any wobble to the stroke and therefore promotes rhythm. (Under pressure this can help performance!)


Conclusion: The belly putter improves the plane of the putting stroke, sweet spot contact, natural release, and overall efficiency.



          The following is a list of set up adjustments:

    The ball position in your stance when using a belly putter must be adjacent, or close to, where the putter attaches to your body. For example, if you attach the butt end of the club to your belly button, then the middle of your stance would be adjacent to that point.

    With regards to length, research indicates that the desired belly putter should be 7 inches longer than your regular putter, give or take a ½ inch.  Therefore, if your conventional putter is 34 inches long, you should use a 41 inch belly putter.

    The attachment location and grip style is an individual preference. The goal is to get your eyes over the ball at address with your weight distributed evenly between both feet and centered on the balls of your feet.

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