Classic Swing Golf School – “The Scooter”


Good rainy Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Weather predictions are gloomy through the weekend so you can think about your game while inside and enjoy this from Ted!

When your golf ball comes to rest within 10 yards (30 feet) of the green and the grass height is 1 to 3 inches, you may want to explore the putt chip method from last month’s tip with one of your hybrids. An important element to understand is your ball contact will be more off the toe of the club verses the sweet spot because once again the shaft is vertical at address. The putt chip style is most effective for those golfers who just don’t feel comfortable with the traditional passive wrist approach.

When using a hybrid expect the ball to run, or SCOOT, a considerable distance once it lands. Therefore, pin location on the back of the green is preferred for this club selection. If you carry multiple hybrids, then begin experimenting with the hybrid that has the most loft first.

  1. Handle high, heel of the club off of the ground, the shaft is vertical
  2. Ball position slightly back of center in the stance with weight and hands slightly forward of the ball
  3. Soft arms and elbows, use your desired putting grip style
  4. Simply use your putting stroke with a descending blow on the ball (remember still head, quiet lower body and seesaw with the shoulders)

At Classic Swing Golf School, it is our mission to exceed the expectations of our students by providing premier, personalized golf instruction in the fun, relaxed atmosphere of our superb facilities.

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