Scoring school

Just finished tHe scoring school and got fitted for new irons. It has been quite a few years since I have seen Ted. I’m thinking about coming back every spring to get ready for the season up north. Ted is great teacher, not only will he analyze your swing(flaws) but make it so you understand what is going on. From there you will work drills that will be repeatable when you leave. I came in this week with what I new was a full swing flaw, which could not be corrected by a few pros back home. Through swinging and video Ted picked up on what no others did, or if they did the could not explain it the same way. Beyond that he improved my short game tremendously. Everybody can benefit from either the regular school or the scoring school. I’m a 12 handicap and will be an 8 by summers end with teds help.
Thanks Ted, time well spent.

Steve (lefty) A

City: Westport
State: CT

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