Classic Swing Golf School – “I can hit the woods, I just can’t get out of them!”

Hello golf fans from at Classic Swing Golf School in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Have you ever heard the old joke; “I can hit the woods, I just can’t get out of them!” For most of us, unfortunately, it’s true.

Here’s a tip that can help; you don’t always have to use a driver to stay on the road. Let me be more specific, don’t be afraid to leave the driver in the bag when you are faced with a narrow fairway, or one with rough or a hazard along the fairway. Many of today’s top pros are hitting a 3 wood off the tee instead of driver in order to control the drive and avoid trouble. In fact, many of today’s golf club manufacturers are introducing 3 woods that are specifically designed to be used off the tee.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I just paid $500 for this new super-wiz-bang, ultra-big, aerodynamic, counter-weighted, extra-long shafted state-of-the-art driver, and you want me to not use it” Yup, that’s right. The late Ben Hogan coined the term “course management”, which refers to how a golfer uses strategy to maximize his or her own ability to play each hole on the course.

tiger wood drive

Let’s say for instance that you are standing on the tee for a hole that is a 450-yard dog-leg right, with trees and brush on the inside of the dog-leg. And let’s assume that like most weekend golfers, you slice your driver. Does it really make sense to hit driver? A better option may be to hit your 3 wood and end up a bit shorter, but in the fairway with a good possibility of getting on in 2 and par. The way I see it, 220 yards in the fairway is much better than 250 yards lost in the trees.

For more tips on playing smart and scoring low, come see the golf professionals at Classic Swing Golf School, they’ll show you how a classic swing is just one part of a classic game. – By Dan Defreest

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