Consistency Finally!

Before I attended the Classic Swing Golf School last February, my golf game was anything but consistent. It wasn’t so much my scores that were frustrating but rather the reasons why my scores weren’t consistent. I honestly couldn’t figure out how to make the corrections I needed to in order to become more consistent and be able to direct the golf ball where I wanted it to go. I could never count on making a shot when I really needed to. Attending The Classic Swing Golf School and working with Ted and his amazing staff, I finally had the answer to a repeatable swing. Everything I learned that week was instrumental in the consistent improvement in my golf game, from the stretching and warm-up exercises, the videos, to the short-game techniques have all become part of my golf practice and match routines. The instructors were all very positive and supportive, as well as inspiring. I left The Classic Swing Golf School more determined and inspired to work on my golf game than ever before. As a result, I am playing the best golf I ever played and enjoying every minute. The bonus is that I have shared their teachings with my wife and she too is playing the best golf she ever has. It is so much fun to see her making shots consistenly and enjoying her golf experience.
I can’t thank Ted and his staff enough for creating such a positive learning environment and a fun experience that I will never forget.
I’m looking forward to my next Classic Swing Golf School experience!

Name: Charles Bauer
City: Commack
State: New York

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