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Ted Frick of Classic Swing speaks about How to Improve at Golf

Ted at the Myrtle Beach Golf School says if power is something you are continuing to search for in your golf swing, remember these threeIf power is something you are continuing to search for in your golf swing, remember these three simple words; TURN, PUNCH, and ROLL. You must make an attempt to complete your back swing and finish through the turn of the torso to generate power. For the right handed golfer, you should treat the right arm as if it were delivering a knockout punch. The right arm must be actively trained to roll in order to immediately transfer the momentum of the downswing upon impact and all the way into the follow through.


While attending this Golf Swing Instruction Seminar my good friend Dr. Zac Burkett revealed to me, then demonstrated on a heavy bag, how important it is to turn the hips and shoulders while throwing the knockout punch. In a shadow boxing setting, he expressed the need to rotate the forearms to put more pop in the punch. He shared how the turn was still vital for the knockout blow when the heavy bag was put flat on the ground.

The turn for the right handed golfer works in a similar capacity. While maintaining your address spine angle, you should fully rotate the left shoulder behind the ball over a flexed right knee. Allow the right hip to work deep (behind you) while keeping the left heel on the ground. In the downswing, train the right shoulder to work down to the ball and compliment this with the left hip rotating behind you. The goal is to turn the trunk fully back, down, and through. Big muscles move small muscles and the pivot multiplies power.


A Golf Instructor will agree that the feeling of throwing a ball at another ball on the ground and consciously moving into a right palm down alignment is imperative. The right arm sends a pushing sensation down the shaft as the right arm straightens while approaching impact. The body and the right arm have to be trained so remember TURN, PUNCH, and ROLL.  More information is available at

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