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The Spine is the Axis
In 2018 our newsletters are getting to the core of the golf swing–the golfer’s pivot or TURN. We will focus on how the trunk of the body rotates around the spine.
Encompassing the area from your hips all the way to your shoulders, the trunk includes the big muscles of the back and the belly. Oh, we will address the feet that support the Turn, the knees that provide flexibility, and the head’s role in establishing balance in the golf swing this year, too. But before we do that our primary focus must be on the golfer’s posture, which we introduced last month, and the importance of the spine as the axis for the Turn.
The following 3 pictures illustrate how to assume proper posture along with some check points for visual and kinesthetic reference. Use a mirror to work on proper posture and note our pressure mapping numbers for good feedback.
Picture 1
Stand erect with the club head on your head and the handle attached to the base of the spine.
Picture 2 
Simply execute a forward bend from the waist keeping your hip joints over your ankles while letting your shoulders slightly exceed your toe line. (Note last month’s newsletter tip in the archives illustrating what NOT to do!)

Picture 3 
The Boditrak pressure map numbers (ground forces) reveal that, as long as the ball is on the ground, a slight majority of your weight needs to favor the lead side of the body and slightly toward the toes as you address the ball.
Example for a right handed golfer:  52% of the weight on the left foot at address and 52% of the weight on the balls of the feet.
Next month we start turning!
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