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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!

I was preparing for my post today and came across this Tip from Ted:

Since I began writing monthly newsletters in January 2007, I do not ever recall sending out a tip suggesting you read a book or two that I believe could help your golf game. Until now. Knowledge is a source of power; therefore I would like to recommend two books which have positively impacted me and will hopefully have the same influence on you. While one of the books addresses the left brain, the other concentrates on the right, which is ideal because both sides of the brain must be used to play good golf.

Many of you are familiar with the “putts gained per round” statistic used by the PGA Tour. The rationale behind its use is found in the research of Mark Broadie who, in his book, Every Shot Counts, uses his revolutionary “strokes gained approach” to improve one’s golf strategy and performance. This book delves into the left brain, pure analytics, and the results will surprise you. Tee shots, approach shots, short game and putting results, the strokes gained approach will make you re-think your strategy!

I have read dozens of Zen and “in the zone” books, and  none more clearly addresses the power of the conscious and subconscious minds or, more importantly, tackles how to harness that power than John Weir’s book, The Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness. Within its pages the tools and techniques needed for all levels of golfers to improve their thinking are finally spelled out in black and white. This book gives insight into how the mind works and helps you develop the ability to control how you think.

Mark Broadie’s book gives you numbers and these numbers will influence your strategy. John Weir’s book illustrates how to train the mind to positively influence execution. Neither book addresses swing mechanics yet both will truly help you score better! Get out the highlighters and tee up the left and right sides of your brain–both are needed for peak performance.

Both books are available through Enjoy!

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