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Ted with Classic Swing Golf School explains why and how he uses The Impact Bag in his teaching method: Teaching golf has been my passion, as well as my occupation, for the last 16 years of my life. In that time, I have found that learning to make changes in the golf swing takes time, patience, and persistence. The awareness of feel and sensing change through kinesthetics accelerates the learning curve. Teaching aids are devices used to help the golfer develop muscle memory and in the wonderful world of golf instruction, teaching aids come and go. There are many teaching aids that claim they have the miracle cure, but they do not survive the test of time. The Impact Bag has been around for at least 20 years and it is not going anywhere.

The following is a list of areas that I use the The Impact Bag in my teaching and why:

Golf Clinic

Proper placement of The Impact Bag will point out scooping, casting, and early whoosh in the downswing as you will make contact with the bag if you do any of these three actions.

Golf Instructor

Learn to avoid The Impact Bag in the downswing and store the power in your golfswing.

1) For those that scoop, cast and "early whoosh." – By placing the bag inside the target line, and no more than 2 feet behind the ball, one will learn to store energy in the downswing to avoid making contact with the bag in the downswing. Sustaining that all important angle of clubhead lag is the essence to effortless power! If you are losing power, clubhead throw away may be your issue and this drill is for you.

Classic Swing

Proper placement of The Impact Bag in the follow through will allow you to work on hitting to both arms straight to avoid making contact with the teaching aid.

2) Develop an out to in path through the ball. – Place the bag just inside the target line, but post impact this time. This is noted as the follow thru in golf. This placement will insure an in to out move and truly help you achieve extension of the arm after you hit the ball. For you chicken wingers, toe hitters, and power faders, achieving an in to out path with long arms through the ball will help cure many of your flaws.

Improve golf swing

Work on your impact alignments by pounding The Impact Bag.

3) Now for my favorite, "Waking up the engine."
The following is a list of sayings that describes the need for a dynamic pivot in golf.
A) Big muscles move small muscles.
B) The dog wags the tail.
C) A movement from the center produces a movement away from center.

Plain and simple; as long as you can physically still move your hips, rotate them actively and aggressively to lead the upper body in the down swing all the way to the finish. Pounding the bag while consciously rotating the hips is one of the most important drills we can do after the age of 40 to keep the motor running. This constant pounding while manipulating the hips will activate and strengthen the core muscles. Power comes from the inside out, use it or lose it!

If there is one teaching aid you are looking at investing in, The Impact Bag is where you begin.  For other information about how to improve at golf, contact Classic Swing.

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