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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Most of us are about to begin our weekend and the forecast looks awesome!  Classic Swing Golf School is one of the most affordable of all of the Top 25 Golf Schools. Having a  peak Performance School with indoor learning studio with net, cameras and mirrors has optimized our Golf Training Program.  While planning your gold training, please enjoy this tid-bit from Ted!

As a golf instructor, I direct golf schools for a living  and  conduct hundreds of private and playing lessons each year. It is not too often that I hear from a student, “Coach, I did not think too well today on the golf course.” More often than not I hear something like, “I did not hit it well,” or “My short game was lousy,” or even, “I stink.” It seems like the constant blame for poor golf is placed on physicaladdress mechanics, and even though that is job security for me, I would like to discuss the critical thirty-second address routine before you swing the golf club, and how the mind can truly help the body hit a quality golf shot.

If you are a believer, like I am, that words trigger pictures and pictures trigger actions, then you understand that thoughts influence your behavior. Self talk is absolutely a powerful tool. Accept it or not, your mind controls your body! For most golfers, the mental preparation during that quiet thirty seconds prior to each shot is often overlooked. Self talk, visualization, and calm breathing are the essential ingredients needed before every successful shot from putt to drive.

The honor of being chosen one of the best 25 has carried and will continue to carry us into the future.  Anyone who needs seeks golf swing instruction, to improve golf swing or even work with a golf instructor needs to contact www,

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