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Some of my pasts posts were focused the mind and how if affects golf performance. This week I will address the importance of the body feeling strong enough to accomplish what the mind depicts. A couple of years ago at this time Ted Frick of Classic Swing Golf School was preparing himself for the Level I Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification program. The information he obtained during that process allows him, as a golf instructor to provide students with more insight about their body and how it relates to their golf swing.

According to Ted, "the key areas that must be worked in a simple but effective golf fitness program are the butt, the belly, the heart, and the legs. A key phrase that was shared during the certification program that I will not soon forget was, "The glutes at are the king and the abs are the queen." Based on this information, let me help you design a 20 minute fitness routine guaranteed to help out your golf swing. I would highly suggest a five minute stretch before and after the workout so allow thirty minutes total three times a week. You will need to spend no more than $10 to purchase a physio ball for your routine.
For the glutes (butt): The Basic Bridge Progression
INSTRUCTION: Lying on your back with knees bent, pelvis in a neutral tilt position and the feet flat on the physio ball, lift the pelvis off the ground.  The contraction should be in the glutes and not the hamstrings.  Now, raise and lower ten times slowly. Finally, with both arms extended over your head, extend one leg while anchoring the other foot to the ball. Hold your leg extended for 20 seconds and then switch legs.


For the legs and lats: Wall Squats with Lat Raise
INSTRUCTION: Place the physio ball between the small of the lower back and a wall. Move the feet about six inches in front of the body and place most of the weight against the ball. Go down until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the hands are vertical overhead. Repeat fifteen Times.

For the belly: Swiss Ball Crunches
INSTRUCTION: To obtain the full range workout for the abdominals, you want to implement an exercise that compliments flexion as well as extension. With your feet grounded and thighs parallel to the ground, the ball should be centered in the lower portion of the back around the lumbar area. With arms across the chest, perform a simple sit up (chest to the knees). This works the lower abs for the flexion. To perform the extension and work the upper part of the belly simply lower the entire back onto the ball and hold this position before going back into flexion.
For the heart: Walk, Bike, and Jump Rope

Performing any new rigorous work out may demand consulting a trainer or doctor before beginning."

Ted’s advice and other information regarding improving your golf game and golf lessons in Myrtle Beach can be found by visiting   There, you will see Classic Swing Golf School’s variety of golf training programs, golf instructors and how to improve.  I’m getting prepared, are you?

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  1. Hey Ted… I thoroughly enjoyed golf school, and did get some great tips! I have not gotten any e-mails from you since the school, so wanted to make sure you had my e-mail address. I shot 97 last Sunday at a local course. I think school helped quite a bit. I also am reading Zen Golf–The Art of Mastering the Mental Game, and i think that helped too! Look forward to getting your e-mails..I have been telling everyone about my experience, so hopefully some of my friends will come to Legends!

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