Classic Swing Golf School – Golf instruction with Classic Swing is a must!

Hello and happy Thursday from Classic Swing Golf School. The weather is wacky this week with temps ranging from the thirties to the eighties.  I cannot wait for Spring!   If your goal is to play better golf this year, golf instruction with Classic Swing is a must!

The Most Affordable Top 25 Golf School in America. Located at Legends Golf Resort, Myrtle Beach, Sc. Three day golf schools and private golf lessons available. The Classic Swing Golf School teaches golf on an individual basis. Personal attention, quality instruction, and a time honored curriculum are things that have made our school a success. We do not rebuild or tear down swings but reprogram through proper information. We believe in evaluating every student’s body type, personality, skill level, and golf goals. We use state-of-the-art technology, such as high speed video analysis, and the latest teaching aids, but we use them in relation to what has worked for hundreds of years. Our communication skills, sound proven techniques and our knowledge of the golf swing have allowed us to lower the handicaps of weekend players, fine tune the skills of advanced players, or give beginners the sound fundamentals necessary for a lifetime of more enjoyable golf.

Ted Frick, School Directo at the Classic Swing Golf School

At the Classic Swing Golf School, we pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping each student achieve his/her golf goals while exceeding their expectations. Conveniently located in Myrtle Beach, at Legends Resort, we strive to provide the highest quality instruction along with the most fun and relaxing environment available.

We love what we do and we GUARANTEE improvement! Contact us today!


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