Classic Swing

I began lessons at Classic Swing last fall 2011. Eddie Young was my instructor. I started golf later in life. Eddie was very patient with me. I had never played sports, so it was especially difficult for me to get the hang of golf and the swing. But Eddie persisted and never gave up. When I became frustrated, he was patient and used humor and some of the children’s techniques (black car/silver car, tap toe, etc.) to motivate me. I really love golf. I go to Legends to practice as much as I can. Since I started my first lessons with Eddie, I’ve continued to take additional lessons, focusing on chipping, putting, and my swing. I’m a former public school teacher and realize how important it is for an instructor or teacher to first love teaching and then know the technical skills necessary to be an effective teacher. I also know that a teacher must inspire and motivate their student to learn. Eddie is a skilled instructor and cares about his students and their progress. I was lucky to find Classic Swing and to have Eddie as my instructor. Of course, Ted and the other instructors are well-qualified and committed also. 🙂

Name: Kathryn DeAngelo
City: Surfside Beach
State: SC

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