Classic Swing Golf School- A Tip from Ted

Hi again from Classic Swing Golf School!  We all know it is extremely important that the feet and knees work together so take this tip from Ted:

The topic of this tip is to address the pivot from the ground up by discussing proper training of the feet and the knees. Please be reminded that I am writing these articles as a right-handed golfer.

In the golf swing, the footwork accommodates the knee action so, while these two body parts are independent components, they must work together. The feet are the great supporters of the energy transfer in the dynamic motion of swinging a golf club. Obviously, the feet are also the only part of the body in contact with the ground so their main responsibility is to assist with the weight shift and provide balance. There are many variations to footwork in the golf swing, and I will be illustrating their role in the ideal world.

The golf swing is just like a new dance step in that the feet need to be trained! In an ideal world, the heels come off the ground due to momentum, therefore, any lifting of the heels in the backswing is an involuntary motion that needs to be controlled (trained) and prevented (See Picture #1, Ideal Footwork and Knee Action in the Backswing). As you begin to bring the club down in the downswing, both feet should be on the ground. Remember, momentum pulls the heels off the ground, and ideally, the right heel responds only during impact to the momentum of the swing and plays a key role in transferring weight through the finish as it allows for balance (See Picture #2).

The feet accommodate the knees, and the knees accommodate the hips. In the ideal world, the knees provide flexibility to the hips and set the hips for their essential role of providing power. The key to proper knee action is that the right knee should remain fixed and flexed in the backswing (See Picture #1). The left knee should begin to straighten during the downswing as the club is coming into the impact zone. At impact, the right heel is beginning to be pulled off the ground by the momentum of the swing as the left leg is almost straight (See Picture #3).

To review, keep both heels on the ground and the right knee fixed and flexed in the backswing. Keep both heels on the ground and allow the left leg to begin to straighten in the downswing. Now train the right foot to swivel and finish tall with a smile! For my instructional DVD viewers, key on the pivot stretches to the finish especially in the driver section. Next month, I will go right to the core and discuss the role of the hips.

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