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Good afternoon once again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Is everyone keeping up with the Tour?  It's looking like McIlroy or Woods could win the Tour Championship  


Want to improve your game?  Classic Swing Golf School guarantees a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio in all golf schools and offers.  

Read comments from past Classic Swing students:

One minute putting lesson
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 by Classic Swing Golf School
while at the Classic Swing Golf School it began to rain. I asked one of Ted's instructors for a one minute lesson on controlling distance. She told me move my hands the same distance backwards and forwards like a pendulum on every stroke (farther on short putts, less so on short ones). Not only did it help with distance control, that mental image reduced the number of pulled putts from jerking my hands through and the number of pushed putts from deceleration.

Name: Tom  
City: Raleigh
State: North Carolina

Left is Right for Me
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 by Classic Swing Golf School
I went to the school twice. Not because I failed, but because I was unable to meet my objective of shooting mid 80s. I took a couple lessons with Ted after the school to try to figure out what I wasn't getting and finally we started to discuss how I play all other sports….left handed. Ted gave me a left handed club and I swung it a couple times and it was not awkward like you may think and actually felt comfortable. I had been playing right handed for at least 20 years. I took some lefty clubs home to swing for a couple days and then came back to take the golf school again, no cost to me. They have a great team of instructors and we went over all the fundamentals again, left handed. Ted told me after taking the class I would need to hit 1500 balls before I could actually play golf. I purchased a nice set of custom made left handed clubs that I watched Royce make for me and went off to practice. It actually took many more than 1500 balls and a couple more private lessons from Eddie but I have finally reached my goal and shoot mid 80's about half my games. I'm lovin golf now and play 4 days a week as I am retired age 59.

Name: Jeff  
City: Myrtle Beach
State: SC

First time under 80
Thursday, August 2, 2012 by Classic Swing Golf School
Ted, I already sent this message via Facebook, but figured I would put it on your blog as well…I took the 3 day class in late June 2011 (handicap around 15).. After a year of working on everything I learned, I have finally been on a good run with 8 consecutive rounds between 87 and 84.. On 7/15/12 I carded a 79 at Shark River GC in Neptune NJ. My first sub 80 round ever. Followed that with an 82 at Howell Park in Howell NJ… Reading putts and judging distance/speed of putts along with chipping are the top 3 things I learned at Classic Swing. Thanks to both of you!!! Jim Caldwell

Name: Jim  
City: Manasquan
State: NJ

Classic Swing Golf School has earned many accolades on which to hang its hat. Classic Swing Golf School is honorably distinguished as one of the "Top 25 Golf Schools in America" by Golf Magazine and was also voted "The Best Golf School in Myrtle Beach" in 2008.


Classic Swing Golf School guarantees a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio in all golf schools and offers private golf lessons for those golfers that prefer one-on-one golf instruction.  Classic Swing also offers custom golf club fitting.  The staff of Classic Swing Golf School abides by their motto, "We Love What We Do and We GUARANTEE Improvement." We invite you to preview the Classic Swing Golf School experience today!

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