How to Improve at Golf – 5 Key Facets to improve your game

Ted tells how Classic Swing Golf School came to use these five facets to help a golfer to reach his or her potential.

The five facets that enable a golfer to reach his/her potential are:
1. Swing Mechanics
2. Short Game
3. Mental Management
4. Equipment
5. Physical Conditioning 

Golf Instructor

Sixteen years ago, I designed the Classic Swing Golf School curriculum around swing mechanics, short game, and equipment. This three-day school is very successful, and I will never change the approach of the program. Five years ago, I developed the Alumni Scoring School to introduce mental management into the curriculum and further complete the learning cycle. I knew several years ago that there was still a missing ingredient, but I could not put my finger on it. I began to explore and research the stretching, strengthening, and stamina needed for a more powerful and efficient motion. I found that proper physical conditioning was the missing link.

Your best golf instruction, such as that from Classic Swing Golf School, will include these 5 facets.

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