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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Most of us are about to begin our weekend and the forecast looks awesome!  Classic Swing Golf School is one of the most affordable of all of the Top 25 Golf Schools. Having a  peak Performance School with indoor learning studio with net, cameras and mirrors has optimized our Golf Training Program.  While planning your gold training, please enjoy these comments!:

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My wife and I attended the 3-day school this week, and we woke up on the fourth day wishing we could go to golf school again. Ted and the whole team promote a positive, no-pressure learning environment for the entire spectrum of golfers — from beginners to players with years of experience. We know we’ll see improvement in our scores…

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Five ladies were invited to Myrtle Beach by a friend, who has a second home there. She suggested that we go to the Classic Swing Golf School. I was “luke warm” about going, but decided it would be a fun girlfriend trip. The three day school was AMAZING! The instructors and staff were top notch.

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

I recently completed the 3-day golf school. I rate this as the best 3 days of fun around learning how to play better golf. Ted Frick is a fantastic instructor and it is hard for me to imagine anyone better in this country. He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of golf, he is personable, he is patient, and he does not berate – he encourages.

I shot 6 strokes lower than previous scores after this school and look forward to taking more shots off. I highly recommend t his school for anyone needing help with your golf game, sounds like all of us doesn’t it.

I was custom fitted for clubs and my shafts were changed out. This is a total golf improvement business for all ages and skill levels. Thank you all so much.

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