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How to Improve at Golf.
Many students have been inquiring lately about how to choose the best golf ball for their game given the large selection of golf balls on the market today. A post will be coming later on this topic! Before you know it summer will be here in full force.  We want to keep you prepared and get you thinking about your summer golf game to come.  So, it is time to address the sun, the heat, and battling fatigue during summer golf. The golf swing and your golf game will function better when the mind and body remain strong. The following tip is a recipe for successful summer golf.

By now, we are all educated on the importance of sunscreen application. Remember to use a minimum 30 SPF and to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before playing and then again between nines. Be sure to drink three bottles of water during an 18 hole round; one on the front nine, one on the back nine, and one for when you get thirsty. Wearing light color clothing and breathable fabrics along with parking your cart in the shade whenever possible will help keep the body cool. Eat often but light, and try to stay with fruit and/or health bars low in sugars and fats.
Summer EssentialsA hat, sunscreen, water, and nutritious snacks are essentials for summer golf.

Summer Tips
Park your cart in the shade
whenever possible.
Stretch before you practice. Practice before you play. Eat and drink the entire time you are playing. Always hit some wedges and putts before heading to the first tee and never leave the practice tee in a hurry. You are not going to the golf course to work on your golf swing; you are going to the golf course to play, not work! When it is time to play, focus on relaxation, breathing, and always have your mind on the target.
Stretching Tips
Be sure to stretch before you practice
and practice before you play.
I constantly hear about how this and that are not working on the golf course. My answer is that you are not supposed to be working on this and that on the golf course. Work on this and that on the practice range. On the golf course, focus on the target and feed the body the fuel it needs. Understand that the body performs best when it is relaxed, stretched, and hydrated. Many of my tips will focus on mechanics, but when it is time to play, I want you to have your mind and body ready. Eat, drink, and stay focused on the target!

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