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The new rules on golf for 2019 allow for 40 seconds when it is your turn to hit the ball.
Forty seconds!  That means you have 40 precious seconds to implement your all-important, and extremely personal, address routine.
Four of the 12 continuing education seminars I attended at this year’s Coaching Summit were devoted to the mental game, or Sport Psychology. From Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, to Brett McCabe and this year’s Navy Seal guest speaker, one common theme was the importance of RELAXATION AWARENESS and quality breathing before and during the swing.
The Navy Seal introduced us to a box breathing technique, almost like a meditation, called 2-2-4.  He asked us to breathe in for 2 seconds through the nose, hold for 2 seconds, then release the breath for 4 seconds through the mouth. Lynn and Pia reviewed Vision54’s Think Box – Play Box ritual which is highlighted in their book, Every Shot Must Have A Purpose.  The takeaway in both is that the best address routines begin with quality breathing to introduce calm, eliminate distractions and increase focus.
Finally Brett McCabe stressed the importance of how you think behind the ball, or the first part of the address routine, will directly influence your behavior over the ball.
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