ball placement

I took the Classic Swing Golf School in March 2012. What i learned on the first day, first hour has made me a much better golfer.
That ball placement is number 1 in my personal golf quest. I’ve always have had a great swing but had trouble with ball placement but now due to Ted’s teachings i hit the ball so much better and i have the confidence on every shot i lacked.
What he said was at address moveyour left foot about 6 inches or so and the right foot back about 12 inches…..and use this on all shots….It takes the guess work out and this alone has made me a much better player. What it does for me is i hit the fairways consistently and have a good chance to score.
My fellow players joke about "it must be boring to always hit a straight tee shot"!
This tip has allowed me to enjoy the game so much more.
This is proof that you can teach a old dog new tricks, as i’m 64 yrs. old!
Can’t wait to sign up for the scoring school in the spring!

Name: Tom Fisher

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