A Tip from Ted – Chipping it Close

Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School!  The temperatures have been very pleasant this week so I hope you've been out!  Today, I hope you enjoy this golf tip from Ted at the School.

There is no better way to improve your scores like chipping it close. Gimme range! When discussing the chip shot, club selection, shot selection, and trajectory verses roll are all personal preferences and are unique to a golfer's style and strength. Ball position, weight distribution, and handle location are set-up variations for the chip that are somewhat unique to the player as well. So what is the common theme that enables the touring player to get up and down from anywhere around the green? No flipping when you are chipping–that is the secret and motto of the month!

Follow the pictures and complete the drills provided with this tip and you are guaranteed to immediately see improvement in your chipping. The SECRET will be your ability to keep the right wrist bent and the left wrist flat from impact until the ball stops rolling. In picture # 1, notice the V or wedge formed between the handle and right forearm at address. This angle, or forward lean of the shaft, will vary from chip to chip based on the desired flight of ball. If you want to chip the ball lower, move the handle further forward at address.

To properly execute a chip, the ball should be struck on a descending blow. Never lift, scoop, or help the ball into the air! The answer is in the dirt, so your intention should be to compress the chip with the turf. In picture # 2, notice the handle leading the club head into impact. This means the ball will be trapped with the ground at impact. As long as the clubhead is trailing the hands coming into impact, the club is accelerating. This is LAG!

One arm chipping is a great drill or technique to improve your short game skills. In picture # 3, I place the left thumb on the right forearm with the left forefinger on the cap of the club. You can do practice motions or live chips with this set up and get wonderful feedback to sustaining LAG. Your ability to keep the forefinger in contact with the handle and thumb on the forearm throughout the chipping motion illustrates tour quality chipping technique.

Enjoy the mechanical secret of the bent right wrist!


Ted Frick
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I hope you enjoyed this tip.  For more information on Classic Swing Golf School, please visit the www.classicswing.com.  Now get out there!!!

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