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Classic Swing is extremely proud.  The Top 25 Golf Schools in America are ranked and listed by GOLF Magazine and the Classic Swing Golf School is that on the list.   Wow! Yeah! Surprise, Surprise!  An even better surprise is that Classic Swing Golf School is the most affordable of all of the Top 25 Golf Schools. Having a  peak Performance School with indoor learning studio with net, cameras and mirrors has optimized our Golf Training Program. 

Swing improvement

The Top 25 ranking is an honor and a blessing. We could not and would not have received this accolade without you, the student, feeling good about your experience at our fine facility and enjoying a curriculum that is helping your game. Please take this as a personal thank you, and I will continue to improve our learning environment and quality of instruction to make your experience the best and most affordable school available.

Reflecting back, about my Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) experience and study of Golf Performance Fitness Training, our first Peak Performance School was conducted in October 2008.  Although we had a rainy weekend, the diagnostic testing, self assessment, short game skills challenge, and a thorough workout regime were conducted. We were also able to do intense full swing video training thanks to the completion of our new indoor swing lab. No more rainouts! 

The honor of being chosen one of the best 25 has carried and will continue to carry us into the future.  Anyone who needs seeks golf swing instruction, to improve golf swing or even work with a golf instructor needs to contact

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