96th PGA Championship

Hello golf fans from Classic Swing Golf School in beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Here’s a bit of background about this weeks’ PGA Championship.

The fourth and last major of the season will be played this weekend at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville Kentucky. It will be the 96th time that professional golfers have competed in the championship dating back to 1916 when New York department store owner L. Rodman Wannamaker organized a tournament and donated the trophy that now bears his name, the Wannamaker Trophy for the winner.

Although not thought of as being as prestigious or glamorous as the other three majors, the British Open, the Masters or the US Open, it nonetheless has the largest purse, this year a whopping $10 million with $1.8 million going to the winner.

The pros that play it will tell you that the PGA Championship is the easiest to score low in, but in some ways the hardest to win because of the size of the field. However, given the size of the competition, there have only been 10 multiple winner of the PGA since switching from match play to a standard 72-hole stroke play event in 1958, and only two that have won the tournament 4 times, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

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