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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School!  Are you tired of high golf scores, slicing or missing putts?  Have you ever considered signing up for golf lessons at a golfing school?  If you really want to play well you need to practice, build up your skill and consider professional golf instruction at Classic Swing. 

Now, enjoy this tip from Ted!

Sweet Spot Delivery

From putt to drive, there is no better feeling in golf than hitting the ball in the sweet spot of the clubface. It is quite rewarding as well! This month concludes the top five ingredients to solid ball striking. To review, February discussed the flat wrist, March focused on the importance of weight forward at impact, April was all about the steady head, and May highlighted clubface control. We will finish up the top five ingredients to consistent ball striking this month by stressing the importance of solid contact.

The sweet spot is the area of the club face between the heel and the toe.   For most golfers, it is simply the center of the face of the club head.

One of the main reasons this point of contact can be so elusive at times is that, from putt to drive, the orbiting club head, and specifically the sweet spot, must be trained to approach the ball from inside the target line. If the orbiting club head gets outside the target line before impact (Picture #1), nightmares will certainly follow. The intelligent mind instructs the golfer to swing down the target line at impact in order to hit the ball straight. Unfortunately, the golf club is built on an angle so if you want to find the sweet spot, you must learn to attack the ball from inside the target line.   As Homer Kelley stated in The Golfing Machine, you must feel in to out through impact.


For those readers that have already purchased my instructional DVD, From Putt to Drive, reference the segment on pitching where I am tracing the painted lines (Picture #2).

The red line is the delivery line guiding the sweet spot and the white line is the target line.   For consistent sweet spot delivery, the golfer must learn to differentiate between the target line and the delivery line. The delivery line (the red line in the picture) is the answer to sweet spot contact. As Homer once said, "Divots are not just taken down, but down and out through impact."

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