Ted’s teaching is right on

I first attended Classic Swing Golf school in the early eighties as a complete novice. It is here where I learned the fundamentals of the golf swing. His teachings are based on the book "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelly and taught to Ted by the famous teacher Ben Doyle and Tom Tomasello. I have since become a student of "the Golfing Machine" and I have learned that all that Ted teaches is based on the laws of physics, Newton’s laws of force and other laws of nature that repeat 100% of the time. Ted has become my mentor and has taken me from being a novice to a serious student of the golf swing. He has taught me how to evaluate every shot and why the ball reacts as it does to each and every swing. All of the instructors have the same philosophy in their teachings and they are correct in all that they do for the student. The classic Swing Golf school is for all levels of students from the novice to the scratch. I am 65 years and can still hit my drive consistently 260 to 280 yrds. I am proof that their teachings work.

Name: Tom Brown
City: Winston Salem
State: NC

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