The Heat of the Season is Here.

In my car with the a/c at maximum level, I drive by Indigo Creek Golf Club each day and I’m amazed at the amount of golfers who are braving the heat to chase that ball. 


I know Ted Frick and the instructors over at Classic Swing aren’t letting the weather stop them either.  The people at Classic Swing are as serious about giving the best golf instruction as the players who are out in these high temperatures.  If you must be out, here are a few suggestions for battling the heat:

Early Tee Times:  Early tee times are an excellent way to avoid the heat of the day. 

Sunscreen:  Sunscreen is an essential in any golf bag.  It is recommended that you apply and reapply a high-quality sweat-resistant sunscreen every hour to avoid a painful burn. 

Hats:  The most popular style of hat worn these days is the baseball hat.  These are great to cover your eyes and part of your face, however, baseball hats do not provide as much protection as wide-brimmed hats that shadow your neck, ears, and cheeks. 

Sunglasses:  It is extremely important to protect your eyes from the sun, not only from a cooling aspect, but also as a way to avoid numerous forms of sun damage to your eyes.

Hydration:  Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your game of golf.  Remember to  incorporate drinks with sodium, like Vitamin Water and Gatorade, to stay strong and hydrated as well.

Snacks:  Eat light snacks frequently to maintain your pace.  Opt for high-energy snacks such as nuts and dried fruits, as well as water-heavy fruits such as watermelon, grapes and cantaloupe.

Clothing:  Moisture-wicking and UV protectant fabrics are the best way to reduce your body heat during a round.  Wearing golf shorts, golf skorts or short-sleeved golf shirts in light colors are also good to incorporate on a hot day to stay cool.  You can also wear reflective colored clothing such as a white sleeveless top or skirt to avoid the harsh rays.

Spray Bottle:  It is amazing what a little spray of water in your face can do for your comfort. 

Wet Towel:  A great way to cool your body temperature is to bring a water-soaked towel with you.  You can wipe your brow and cool your neck with this, and you will definitely appreciate it.

Umbrella:  The best way to stay cool is to stay out of the sun.  Not all courses are lined in trees, so consider bringing an umbrella with you on the course. 

Personally, I’d rather be inside during these extreme days of heat.  For those who want to play golf and improve their swing in a golf clinic with an awesome team, check out Classic Swing Golf School located at Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach.  Visit their website for information:


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