Game Enjoyment Changer

I have been to Classic Swing twice and have found this to be the best personalized instruction that I ever had. The 3 days school was a fantastic beginning and the instructor/student ratio was ideal. I never felt at any time that I was being neglected in a crowd of other students. Different instructors took 3-4 of us and worked with us in many aspects of the game. I also had my clubs checked and reshafted to fit my swing. They checked the specs, I said do it and I went to lunch. I played Parkland with them after lunch. Also, no high pressure sales pitch. If the time is right to change clubs fine but the crew there did not make me feel like it was necessary but an improvement to the equipment. They also keep your specs on file in case you change your mind after you’re back home.
I attended the scoring school this year and found the 1:2 instructor/student ratio awesome. He basically catered it to what we thought we needed help with but ended up not just doing that. During the course of working on what we wanted and thought we needed this very experienced professional noticed things we needed help with and seemlessly integrated it into our lessons. We also battled rain off and on but the classroom training proved to be very effective, I was surprised.
Now I didn’t go there and earn a tour card a week later but I got something even better – More enjoyment out of MY game of golf. I have some physical limitations and these guys worked right through that. I have more confidence and fun now and I will be returning to learn from this awesome team.
Thanks Ted and all for helping me laugh, smile and fist pump more on the course.

Name: Steve Franks
City: Mauldin
State: SC

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