No matter your skill level, you can improve your golf game

Hello again from Classic Swing Golf School!  I hope some of you have had a chance to get out and golf this week.  The weather has been phenomenal.  I’ve posted a lot of golf tips here from Classic Swing and I will continue in weeks to come.  I hope you are enjoying them.  Here is an article I came across earlier today, if you’re considering taking a golf lesson from Classic Swing, this may give you some perspective: 

Written by Jeff Evans for FLORIDA TODAY

"Let’s determine where your golf game is and what can help you the most.

The beginner: You know what golf is and have been to the range with a friend but don’t understand what all the fuss is about. What’s needed here is professional help ASAP. Golf and/or psychological.

The rookie: You have watched golf on TV and maybe have been on a course. You’ve decided the game has some merit and want to learn more. What’s needed here is an inexpensive set of clubs, lessons by a PGA professional and the directions to the nearest range. Time to stop listening to your buddies and/or husbands.

The novice: You have gone through the above and are hooked for life. The ball is starting to get in the air and sometimes even goes where you want it to. What’s needed now are more lessons, a shortcut to the range/putting green and some time on a course. Not a long course, but one that is short enough so you don’t have to hit your driver all day. You’re trying to learn the game at this point. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to lose more balls on the long courses.

The average: You made it. You are now where the majority of golfers live. You have most of the lingo down, shoot in the 90s and have fun a lot of the time. What’s needed now are still a few lessons, practice the shots you don’t shoot well and spend more time around the putting green. Some clubs that fit are in order as is a better knowledge of the rules and the game itself. Start playing more and look before you swing. In other words, pay more attention to what going on with the course in front of you.

The advanced: You shoot in the 80s and if the stars align, you break into the 70s once in a while. You know the rules and play by them. Now you must have your clubs fitted. Play the ball that suits your game not what the marketing says. Still take a few lessons with much more time spent on your short game. Don’t worry so much about the driver. Get the ball into the hole.

The player: You shoot in the 70s and if your short game is on, you can break par. If you have a job, just keep doing what you’re doing. Working 40 hours a week and shooting this well is quite a feat. Enter more top tier tournaments. Enjoy.

The pros: You are on TV. Win more."

An now, a word from Ted Frick of Classic Swing:

"At the Classic Swing Golf School, we pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping each student achieve his/her golf goals while exceeding their expectations. Conveniently located in Myrtle Beach, at Legends Resort, we strive to provide the highest quality instruction along with the most fun and relaxing environment available."


We love what we do and we GUARANTEE improvement!
–Ted Frick, Owner/CEO & Director of Instruction

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