Light at the end of the tunnel

My golf buddies and I were really just looking for an excuse to get out of town and play some golf. Always wanted to go to Myrtle, so as I was searching for packages online, I came across Classic Swing website. The reviews were great, it was somewhat off season for them, the stay – learn – play package was great value. And the fact that it was tied into The Legends Resort was awesome. After 20+ years of golf with never having a lesson, I knew I needed instruction to improve my game.
The class curriculum was great. All parts of the game were covered, but identifying my own personal areas to work on was what really helped me. I had 20 years of bad habits to get rid of. The instructors were knowledgeable, but more than that, they were very personable. Felt like taking instruction form friends from the beginning. It was easy to see why Ted is so highly regarded in the golf instruction world. Tons of knowledge, great eye to identify what my issues were, but more than that, he is great at making is at pleasurable experience.
Ok, you have to take that info, and then put in the work. I have, played many rounds and hit many buckets (practice with purpose). Since school, I have logged 54 rounds, and am proud to now have a 7.3 handicap. I’m still a work in progress, but now I really have a clue about my swing.
My buddies and I are already talking about returning in the future for the "Scoring School".
Thanks Classic Swing!

Name: Meaux Windhorst
City: Harahan
State: LA

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