Left is Right for Me

I went to the school twice. Not because I failed, but because I was unable to meet my objective of shooting mid 80s. I took a couple lessons with Ted after the school to try to figure out what I wasn’t getting and finally we started to discuss how I play all other sports….left handed. Ted gave me a left handed club and I swung it a couple times and it was not awkward like you may think and actually felt comfortable. I had been playing right handed for at least 20 years. I took some lefty clubs home to swing for a couple days and then came back to take the golf school again, no cost to me. They have a great team of instructors and we went over all the fundamentals again, left handed. Ted told me after taking the class I would need to hit 1500 balls before I could actually play golf. I purchased a nice set of custom made left handed clubs that I watched Royce make for me and went off to practice. It actually took many more than 1500 balls and a couple more private lessons from Eddie but I have finally reached my goal and shoot mid 80’s about half my games. I’m lovin golf now and play 4 days a week as I am retired age 59.

Name: jeff Hastings
City: Myrtle Beach
State: SC

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