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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School!  Who’s keeping up with The Masters?  While you’re waiting for Rory, Jason, or Phil to tee-off, check out one of our newsletters:
This month we begin implementing some drills to take to the range. We start with a baseball spring training drill called The Step In. The whole idea is to sense motion moving forward, not on the toes, but toward the target.
As always, if you like Classic Swing on Facebook, you can watch Dan Obremski, our full-time mini tour player and part-time teacher, demonstrate this drill that will help all golfers who have a weight shift dilemma. Even if your weight shift is good, this drill will help you feel and add power to your swing. 
Begin by addressing the ball with a normal stance and good posture (Picture #1). Now move your lead foot back to your trailing foot and stand for 1 second. Go ahead and complete your backswing with a full shoulder turn (Picture #2). 
Picture 1
Picture 2
The goal is to initiate the downswing with your lower body before you complete your backswing shoulder turn. It is a great timing drill and probably will take several attempts to get it right. Once you get the timing and feel the lower body leading, notice the considerable distance on the golf ball due to the energy transferred forward to start the downswing sequence (Picture #3).
Picture 3
The Boditrak pressure mat is revealing that peak velocity, which is the greatest point of lateral shift, is a true indicator of power. From the time you complete the backswing, your goal should be to get the weight moving forward. The more weight you can get moving forward properly from the ground up, the higher the peak velocity number. Our last 2 months we trained the core; this month we use those strengthened core muscles to activate pelvic rotation to improve power.
Have fun and feel the power building!
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