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As it is often said, anything worth doing is worth doing well. No matter how good the golfer is, golf lessons can have a player on their way to the a better score in a short amount of time.  Classic Swing Golf School helps students find the areas which need improvement and gives new knowledge they take with them after the lesson.

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Classic Swing Golf Schools

"Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach, S.C. does not rebuild or tear

down swings but reprograms them through proper information. They

evaluate every student’s body type, personality, skill level, and golf goals.

Instructors then factor in LAWS of force and motion as they apply to every

golf swing. These LAWS have remained constant for over 450 years.

Classic Swing uses state-of-the-art-technology, such as high-speed video

analysis, and the latest teaching aids." – Shane Sharp, VP of Buffalo



"I took lessons at the Classic Swing Golf School, located at the Legends

Resort, NOT Deer Track. The Legends Resort offers 54 holes of golf, and

the instructors were outstanding. Fall lessons were reasonably priced, at

$299 for three days of instruction. Highly recommended! – Al in Virginia

"This golf school is rated in the Top 25 golf schools by Golf Magazine for

2002. My 14 year old son took private lessons from one of the pros while

we were there in hopes of making his high school golf team when we

returned home. Cost of the lessons was $30.00 per hour, and well worth it.

Bryan had one on one instruction and his lessons often went over the time

limit, with no extra charge. The pro, Eddie, also evaluated Bryan’s clubs

and did not try to sell us customized, expensive clubs, which are made on

site here. His only recommendation was to shorten his putter, and he did

that for us, free of charge.

Upon our return home, Bryan was one of only 3 freshman to make his high

school golf team. I credit his lessons at Classic Swing for his success. We

are returning this year and Bryan is once again taking lessons. Bryan was

treated with respect and was not treated like a child. That meant a lot to

him. Eddie and the rest of the staff treated us very well." – LadyBo from


The golf industry is one that is constantly evolving and it is important that
one be at the top of their game at all times. What students learn must be
open to improvement and success. Classic Swing provides one on one lessons combined with skill and technology which is never outdated.


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