How to Improve at Golf – Core Strength

Many golfers are apprehensive about taking lessons because they fear the rebuilding process, but at The Classic Swing Golf School, we are focused on the building up process. We want to take what you have and make it better! One way to make your swing better is to strengthen your core muscles and understand their importance in the golf swing.

The core muscles involved in the golf swing include the abdominals, the obliques, and the lats. These muscles work together to uncoil the upper body in the downswing and into the finish of the golf swing. The speed with which one rotates through the hitting area is a power source so obviously, the faster you rotate, the more power you will produce. Strengthening your core muscles will help you to obtain more power in your golf swing through increased rotation speeds. Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie are prime examples of touring professionals in today’s game that generate a great deal of power in the golf swing through upper body rotation. Strong core muscles are a key ingredient to the speed of their rotation. The body must be properly conditioned for the rapid uncoiling of the golf swing to avoid injury or loss of power.

The following is a list of golf specific activities that can help you strengthen and condition your core muscles:

1) Crunches
2) Sit Ups
3) Bridge Work

Bridge Work Type #1                                      Bridge Work Type #2
Bridge Work                                                                        Bridge Work
Type #1                                                                              Type #2

1) The Twisted Torso
The Twisted Torso
The Twisted Torso

2) The Torso Curl 

The Torso Curl - Position #1                                           The Torso Curl - Position #2
The Torso Curl – Position #1                                                      The Torso Curl – Position #2


3) The Oblique Torso Curl

The Oblique Torso Curl - Position #1                                            The Oblique Torso Curl - Position #2
The Oblique Torso Curl                                                              The Oblique Torso Curl
Position #1                                                                               Position #2


1) Push Ups
2) Chin Ups
3) Seated Rowing Activity

The exercise market place has been flooded with yoga and pilates exercise routines and products lately. These two forms of exercise are the most popular and fulfilling programs to enhance a golfer’s mind and body. The Classic Swing Golf School offers a 30-minute DVD titled “Yogalates for Golf” which combines yoga and pilates into a golf specific exercise program designed by a sports physical therapist. If you would like to order this Golf Instruction DVD, please give us a call at 1-800-827-2656. Do not be afraid to experiment with a stretching or exercise routine because a more dynamic golf motion will be right around the corner.


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