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Here is my story,

My wife did some research and sent me to Classic swing as a gift and what a gift it was. It was more than I could have asked for and then some. The whole experience was incredible and I will be sharing it with everyone I know who plays golf. Hell even if they dont play golf I am still going to tell them how awesome Ted and his school is. If you play golf no matter how good you might be (or not) Ted can probably help you. I took a friend that was on a golf course 1 time in his life and on the last day there he made 3 pars ( playing from the front Tee’s). I’m a 16 handicap but after the school with some practice of what I learned I bet I will shave at least 5 or 6 strokes off my game easily and I will bet on that.

From driving to bunker play we covered it all in 3 hard core days. I cant wait to go back to the school again and I can taste the beer I’m going to buy when I take my friends money.

Below is my e mail to Ted from this morning and meant every word I said.


I just want to say thank you so much. My experience with you by far exceeded all of my expectations and I can’t find words to tell you how much I enjoyed school. I am most definitely coming back next year for stage 2 and I can’t wait. The shafts are PERFECT, what a difference, I can’t believe it, they feel and play GREAT !!. I was CRUSHING the ball and shot a legitimate 90 on Parkland Saturday. I birdied 1 and the best was on 9 from 160 out with an 8 iron I planted the ball 10 ft from the pin for par on the elevated green. That elevated green is NUTS and I hit the landing pad !!

Yea man, it’s all because of you. I’m still smiling  That southern accent is still in my head and I’m loving every minute.

Red line, white line, set up routine, watch the weight position don’t stare at it and BANG ZOOM there it goes !!!

Can you please sign me up for the newsletter?

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Oh don’t forget life lessons I told you I live by ” If you don’t know, go to a PRO”

If there is anything I can do to review or help you in any way let me know and I am ON IT.

All the best,


So in closing if you want some hard core, really fun and worth its weight in gold training, go see Ted. You will walk away a new man (or woman) ! Questions, send me an e mail at:

Name: Jeff Vangele
City: Fairfield
State: CT

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