Golf’s Greatest Illusion – Mastery Results in Consistency

Do you consistently hit inconsistent golf shots?

One swing results in a pull and the next is a dreaded slice. Left, right, left, right! This is music to the ears of an army drill sergeant, but it is not necessarily the most enjoyable way to play golf. If an inconsistent ball flight such as the one described above fits your game, we at Classic Swing guarantee you have prescribed to one of the biggest misconceptions among golfers. Most likely, you are trying to square the clubface to the back of the ball at impact. Likewise, your swing path objective is probably to try swinging your golf club straight down the target line. While logical, these swing thoughts are incorrect. Logic versus science is the issue at hand, so let me introduce you to a radical idea from any you may have heard: Stop trying to hit the ball straight! If the proper Golf Training Program is implemented correctly with the proper swing thoughts, this simple idea will immediately lead to greater consistency.

Many golfers are apprehensive about taking golf lessons because they think the teacher is going to rebuild their swing. But at our Myrtle Beach Golf School, the number one objective of a teacher should be to reprogram the golfer’s mind-set. "As you think you will become." When you think differently, you will swing differently.

One must be able to differentiate between the target line and the delivery line in golf by using their imagination. The target line is the most important line in all of golf because it reflects where you intend for the ball to go. It helps the golfer aim at the target properly. This is imperative because if you cannot aim the arrow (clubface to target) then do not worry about the Indian (golfer). If the golf club were built on a vertical plane, like a croquet mallet, we would swing the club on the target line. In this scenario, the target line would also be the delivery line. Because the golf club is built on an angle, referred to as an incline plane, the actual path of the orbiting clubhead as it approaches the ball is from inside the target line. This is the delivery line in golf. By understanding the incline plane, one can appreciate the delivery line in golf. The golfer stands inside the target line at address, therefore, he must attempt to store all the energy of the swinging golf club inside the target line until the clubhead makes contact with the ball. Instead of looking at the back of the ball at address, relocate the focal point of your eyes to the inside quadrant of the ball and make an attempt to swing the golf club out to the right at a 30 degree angle across the target line.

Wherever your eyes are looking, your hands and the clubhead will want to go. If your eyes are looking at the back of the ball at address, then you are probably trying to square the clubface to the back of the ball at impact. Address and impact are two very different alignments in golf. Focus your eyes on the inside quadrant of the ball at address and your hands will strive to reach your new focal point. By making this small change, you will be well on your way to improving your downswing and obtaining much more manageable misses.

To give you a visual perspective, if the golf ball was the center of a clock face and 12:00 was the target, the target line would run from 6:00 to 12:00. The actual delivery line would approach the ball from 7:00 with the feeling of hitting the ball towards 1:00. The 1:00 follow through is an illusion that the golfer must feel, but the 7:00 approach to the golf ball is necessary for consistent golf. The golfer must swing the clubhead on this delivery path based on the law of the incline plane. Remember, logic says to swing the golf club on the target line, but science reveals that because the golf club is built on an angle the club should approach the ball from inside the target line. Refocus your eyes to the inside quadrant of the golf ball and change the feel of your swing from down the target line to across the target line and you will be hitting golf shots you have only dreamed about.

The Quick Look:

    * Trying to square the clubface to the back of the ball at impact generates a dreaded "over the top," or out to in, swing path in which the clubhead approaches the ball from outside the target line.
    * Attempt to swing the golf club out to the right at a 30 degree angle across the target line to ensure that the clubface is square to the ball when it separates from the clubhead.
    * Visualize a "magical" clock in your golf swing. Imagine your takeaway toward 6:00, your downswing approaching the ball from 7:00, and feel like you are swinging the club to 1:00.
    * As you swing the golf club from 7:00 to 1:00, be sure to transfer the momentum in your golf swing through the roll of the forearms following impact.


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