Enjoy this Golf Tip from Ted Frick at the Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach

Hi once again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Some of my pasts posts were focused the mind and how if affects golf performance. This week I'm including one of Ted's tips on Inner Excellence and how it relates to a person's self-concept.   Enjoy!

"I would like to discuss our belief system by addressing self-image and self-concept and their correlation to your golf game.

A person's self-concept is vitally important. If you do not feel good about yourself, then you tend to perform as poorly as you feel/think. Psychologists often refer to this as the self-consistency theory which says that we act consistently with our self- image. If this theory is true, then we have to improve the view we have of ourselves and our game in order to play better golf. Is this as easy as it sounds? No, but using the strategy of positive self talk is a swing in the right direction.

Last month, my top ten performance keys list included a quote from my preacher that stated, "Words trigger pictures, pictures trigger action, so your action reflects your words." In essence, if you do not like the action, then refer back to and correct the words/beliefs that produced it. Some of us are not getting close to reaching our potential on the golf course because our self talk is negative. I am in the business of fixing golf swings so I understand poor swing mechanics, but I also understand that many golfers cannot get out of their own way due to improper self talk!

With proper self talk in mind, here is my exercise of the month. I will call it, Words of Affirmation. Simply put, positive self talk is necessary for good golf so affirm what it is you want to see in your game. Try to become your own best friend using words of encouragement and positive beliefs on the golf course for an entire month. Imagine you are your own caddie each time you play and after the round, ask yourself if you would fire this caddie because his negative thoughts made you feel badly about yourself and your game, or would this caddie receive a raise because his support was uplifting and produced positive results. I know some of you think I am kidding, but from my playing lesson experience, I understand why the 19th hole has job security.

Try positive golf self talk daily with comments and thoughts such as:

   "I love my golf swing."
   "I have a great short game."
   "I am a great putter."
   "I think well around the golf course."

Your mind controls how your body responds. The beliefs in your mind create your words or action. In order to play mind games, you must play word games. Essentially, talk a good game…to yourself. Have fun and good luck!"


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