Thank You

To Coach Ted Frick and his wonderful staff of teaching professionals,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Ted for setting a perfect stage for me to get the most out of your golf school. I loved the classroom almost as much as I did the outside drills and personal attention. I believe both were integrally necessary to get the most out of your school.

As someone who has played the game for 49 years (damn; where did they all go) I admit I was a bit worried about letting a teaching pro into my head. I wondered if I’d be humble enough to allow it for one, and for two, to gain from it. Your demeanor the very first day immediately dissolved all those feelings.

I came away with a very complete understanding of the integral parts of "The Classic Swing" approach to golf, and was able to identify my weaknesses, and developed drills to make me a better player. All I need now is some relief in the weather here at home to put those drills to the test.

I also want to thank Eddy Young, for not only his personal attention in all the drills, but for also going the extra mile and taking Steve Emmert and me out for a few holes after the severe thunderstorm came through and ruined of chances to play on Friday afternoon. We got in 5 holes before dark and they may have been the most fun holes we played all week. His personal observations and encouragement were well received and appreciated.

It was also delightful meeting Natalie Cruse, and getting her feedback on my driver swing. Her explanation of the how to hit the big stick will stay with me as long as I play the game. It just clicked for me, and as my playing partner Steve Emmert will attest, I drove the ball great later that day. She also imparted some great tips on chipping and pitching.

I also enjoyed working with Justin Roser and Mark Leindecker on my sand play. I’ve always loved to play out of the bunkers, and their collective advice will only make me better.

So thanks again Ted. Your school was worth every penny, and I can’t wait to let you know how many strokes I’ve lowered my handicap by in the coming months.



Name: John Jones
City: Virginia Beach
State: VA

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