Downswing Thoughts

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One of the biggest mysteries in the game of golf for those who participate rests in determining how to start the downswing. An out to in, or over the top, swing plane proves to be the most common flaw in the golf swing. The downswing is just that – a downswing – not an outswing that begins the dreaded out to in swing plane. The shoulders, which provide direction to the arms in the golf swing, will lead incorrectly if not trained properly. The three downswing thoughts listed below can be used to help simplify the motion.

Karate Chop:

Upon reaching the top of the backswing, simply allow the arms to fall vertically. The shoulders must be relaxed and the arms must feel light. This motion is dependent upon gravity, as well as, the golfer permitting the arms to drop from the top. This will allow the club to fall in the slot. With this technique, the golfer must resist the urge to work the club out to the ball. The outward action of the clubhead results from body rotation, therefore, the arms must fall from the top of the backswing before any rotation of the body begins.

Swing Thought — Drop Then Turn

The Arm Fall:

Using this technique, the golfer begins the downswing by allowing the right hand to separate from the right shoulder for the right-handed golfer. This should create the sensation of the golf club starting down behind the body and the right forearm straightening close to your body. In the hitting area, the golfer strives to keep the right forearm close to the right thigh with a bent right wrist to sustain lag. Again, the arms and golf club are starting down before the body unwinds.

Swing Thought — Straighten The Right Arm Close To The Body

Secondary Axis Tilt:
For individuals with broad shoulders or a thick chest, learn to start your downswing by tilting your shoulders first. For the right-handed golfer, the right shoulder should rest lower than the left shoulder at address. At the top of the backswing, the right shoulder should drop vertically to begin the downswing. Any movement out towards the ball from the top by the right shoulder destroys a good downswing. The right shoulder should remain relaxed and just tilt down to initiate the downswing.

Swing Thought — Increase The Tilt From The Top

Remember, effort is not the answer, and tension is the number one enemy. If an out to in motion disrupts your downswing, then hopefully, one of the above swing thoughts and techniques is just what the doctor ordered.

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