“I hear voices”

Remembering clearly is difficult, but my group was made up of a married couple and
me. Eddie assesed our shortcomings and began his teaching. For the record the lady had played little or no golf prior to attending your school. During the entire program very little attention was expressed about the wide gap in ability levels. Beginners feel pressure from not having yet learned the skills needed to play, low handicappers feel like they don’t belong.
Eddie quickly erased any doubt that we all
needed to be there and the atmosphere of the learning environment was most inviting.
My best memory was watching a bunker shot being hit by a rake. It never leaves me.
Way to go Eddie……

The voice that I have been hearing for many years is Eddie’s, it reinforced his
thought about swinging inside out. Go to right field has been resonating and continues to do so. My Handicap Index when I came to Classic was in the low sixes. The following year it was below three and now it’s just below four. Your school is nothing short of excellent and I want to thank both you and your staff for a job well done.


PS Fairly soon I may be playing from the gold tees……..

Name: Matt Salvia
City: Stanfordville
State: NY

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