Classic Swing welcomes you to try the Putting Arc.

Hello again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  I've posted many times on the subject of putting, even wrote one on belly putters.  We all know putting can be frustrating so Classic Swing welcomes you to try the Putting Arc.

The Putting Arc is a revolutionary new training device, which will guide you to a simple, repeatable, and understandable approach to putting. The Putting Arc will assist you in developing a confidence when standing over your putter felt by only a small percentage of golfers, a confidence in your ability to direct the golf ball exactly where you intend. The Putting Arc works because it guides the putter head in pure planar rotation about an axis which passes through the golfers spine, at the T3 vertebrae between the shoulders. This means that the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all stay connected throughout the putting stroke. The Putting Arc has radial lines on its top. This important feature shows the correct clubface alignment at each point in the stroke. This alignment is just as important as the clubhead path! The patented Putting Arc T3 has been used without compensation by over 400 touring pros with more than 100 professional wins and can be used by right and left handers alike.  Check out our pro shop

Read below about the latest on long putters:

Long Putters May Soon Be Banned

Steve Stricker, considered one of the best putters on the PGA Tour, experimented with the long putter over the summer. Anchoring the club to his sternum, Stricker said he was surprised at how quickly he developed a comfort level and a consistent stroke. “It was pretty scary how fast I picked it up,” said Stricker, who has never considered using a long putter in a competitive event.

Why? “Knowing that it may be banned in another year, and just really not being a proponent of it, feeling like even though it is fair under the rules I’m just not a huge believer in it,” Stricker said Tuesday at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif., the site of this week’s World Challenge. “I have the feeling it isn’t really quite right.”

The game’s governing bodies, gripped by the same unease, have been discussing for the past several months banning the long putter, the club of choice for three of the past five men’s major winners. In a teleconference Wednesday, officials from the United States Golf Association. and the Royal & Ancient are expected to announce that they have amended the rules to prohibit the anchoring of any club against the body, starting in 2016.

Keegan Bradley, the first male golfer to win a major using an anchored putter, said he has been bracing himself for the ban. “They make the rules, and I’ll adjust accordingly,” he said. “But I’m going to accept the challenge and hopefully do well when they do ban it.”

Classic Swing Golf School has earned many accolades on which to hang its hat. Classic Swing Golf School is honorably distinguished as one of the "Top 25 Golf Schools in America" by Golf Magazine and was also voted "The Best Golf School in Myrtle Beach" in 2008.

Classic Swing Golf School guarantees a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio in all golf schools and offers private golf lessons for those golfers that prefer one-on-one golf instruction.  Classic Swing also offers custom golf club fitting.  The staff of Classic Swing Golf School abides by their motto, "We Love What We Do and We GUARANTEE Improvement." We invite you to preview the Classic Swing Golf School experience today!  Be sure to check out our videos on YOUTUBE!

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